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Deploy your blog to RedHat OpenShift for free with Quokka CMS

Quokka CMS is a content publishing system made with Python, Flask and MongoDB. It is easy and quickly to deploy a blog to OpenShift cloud for free with Quokka.

10 rules of open source projects

The top 10 rules of open source projects

Dealing with linked containers dependency in docker-compose

In docker-compose a common problem is starting services and daemons in containers that depends on services running on linked containers, in example, your app depends on elasticsearch but it is not ready when the app container is started. Solution is ...

Using Flask Cache

Flask does not have built-in cache functionality but this article will get you started with using the flask-cache plugin to provide Cache functionality for your Flask application.

New Year's Python Meme #2014pythonmeme

Python new year's meme about 2013 and plans for 2014 (review)

Watching a directory for file changes with Python

Watching a directory and perform some action on file changes. In this example I will parse and insert data in to db when some XML file is changed or created.

Flask Google Maps (plus: how to write a Flask extension)

Easy to use Google Maps in your Flask application (plus: how to write a Flask Extension)

Quokka CMS new features and roadmap to beta version

4 months of development and now Quokka is almost done to be released as beta, that's a showcase of new implemented features and the roadmap to the features needed for the beta release.