Published in 21:23 of 06/27/2017 by Bruno Rocha
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Published in 21:23 of 06/27/2017


The quality of the python ecosystem


Recently I talked about The Quality of The Python Ecosystem in "Caipyra" a very nice conference in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

Here are the slides (in English and also in Portuguese) and some pictures of the awesome event!


Recentemente falei sobre a Qualidade do Ecossitema Python no evento "Caipyra"  em Ribeirão Preto, Brasil.

Aqui estão os slides (em inglês e Português) e também algumas fotos desse evento maravilhoso!



The quality of the python ecosystem - and how we can protect it! from Bruno Rocha


A Qualidade do Ecossistema Python - e o que podemos fazer para mante-la from Bruno Rocha


See full picture collection here:

Extra notes and updates:

Nick Coghlan pointed to those 2 links: has built-in safety and analytics tools

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