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I am now a member of Python Software Foundation

Now that's official, So I can blog about it here.

Massimo Di Pierro, The lead developer/creator of web2py framework which I started to use/contribute 3 years ago. Nominated me and Mariano Reingart to become Python Software Foundation members. In Aug 13th, 2012 PSF had an election, and we were accepted as PSF elected members.

I am honored to be nominated by Massimo, and also very happy to have been accepted. Not just a personal recognition for me, but also a recognition for all the work done with web2py, and also highlighted the importance of a web2py within the Python community.

I guess that the PSF members who voted have read my CV and obviously my historical analysis did not take into account only the work I do with web2py, but also the work I've been doing to promote and strengthen the use of the Python language in my country with my participation in events as well as advocating and teaching courses about the language and promoting it in companies where I give consulting services.

However, taking into account the fact that my dedication in the Python community is mostly focused on the promotion and development with/of web2py. I assume that this election has taken this into consideration.

Here it comes the reproduction from PSFBLOG

Just the other day the Python Software Foundation held an election, the second and final one of the year, and the results are in! 18 new members were introduced, and the membership approved three new sponsor members. Please join us in welcoming all of them!
Candidates for PSF membership are nominated by an existing member for their work in the Python community. The membership is comprised of people from around the world and from many areas of the community.
These new members are selected from many different areas of the Python community. While some members are known for their contributions of code, many are known for their work to grow their local and regional communities. Some members are known for their work in educational workshops and conferences. It takes a diverse membership to ensure the success of a foundation steering a diverse community, so we're happy to have members of all types from all areas, both geographically and within the Python world.

Please join us in welcoming all of the new members to the Foundation!

Nick Barcet
Dana Bauer
James Blair
Thierry Carrez
Anand Chittipothu
Antonio Cuni
Anne Gentle
Noufal Ibrahim
Vish Ishaya
Christopher MacGown
Dave Malcolm
Joshua McKenty
Mark McLoughlin
Mariano Reingart
Bruno Rocha
Monty Taylor
Dean Troyer
Vicky Twomey-Lee

The following sponsor members were approved:

Hood Media GmbH

For the full PSF membership roster, please see

Thank you Massimo, and PSF members. I really hope (and I will do my best) to retribute this nomination with continuous work for Python Community.

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