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Bruno Rocha at 19:58 of 01/02/2014

REVIEW - I completed 40% of my 2014 plans

What are the top three things you want to learn in 2014?

  • A new language
    Go or Rust (I did not decided which one) also I want to improve my Lua skills and maybe start a web project in Lua.

    I played a little bit with a Lua module for REDIS but I didn't learned Go.

  • Python 3.4 new Async framework

    Created some experiments but do not had the oportunity to develop some real project using it

  • RST ( Yeah I need to start to write docs on Sphinx)

    Declined! I will always use Markdown

What is the top software, application or library you wish someone would write in 2014?

  • A micro framework for web development with Lua ( I already knew kepler, but I mean something closer to Flask or Bottle)
    Not yet, is there any good framework?
  • An ORM to OrientDB with Flask and Flask-admin support
    Almost There! some guys created PyOrient independent of C lib-orient and I started a project called Orient Engine, need to work more on this.
  • Graphical tool to deal with MongoDB aggregation framework. (Aqua Data Studio could do it!)
    Not found! Aqua can use SQL to query Mongo and RoboMongo is an excellent shell but nothing with aggregation framework.

Plans for 2014

  • Work less and sleep well
    DONE!!! Now I am working in a regular time shift and having some time to sleep and eat well
  • PythonHub is a project for 2014, the Python Network already under development
    No, I am so sad about this one, I wanted to create a very useful social network for Python Fellows but no one willing to help
  • More Quokka CMS improvements and modules
    Quokka needs to be turned in to a CMS Framework, there is already opened issues covering that need, also it needs better documentation and deployment guides.
    YES!!! not too much, but I closed some issues, helped some people to put websites online with Quokka, integrated Quokka with a comercial CRM (SalesForce) and wrote a lot of closed source modules that I want to release very soon to community
  • Write more on blog (about Python, Flask and MongoDB)
    YES! Ok there is too much work to do but I started the What The Flask series and it got nice feedback from community.
  • Finish my new book (I am writing a new book covering Python web development with Flask, it is a guide for beginners and it is written in portuguese)
    SADLY NOT!!! I wrote only 20% of the new book, sorry!
  • New training classes on (Python, Flask and Mongo courses)
    YES! It will start soon in January
  • Close my company (I do not want to keep paying so high taxes)
    YES!!! I did not close the comapny but changed its contract, now it is only a training company, less taxes.
  • go to MongoDB world conference
    NO! :(
  • go to Rottnest Island (Au) to meet a real Quokka
    NO! It was planned for december, but some things went very wrong. Next year I'll go!


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New Year's Python Meme

Inspired by Alex Clark and Daniel Greenfield.

What’s the coolest Python application, framework or library you discovered in 2013?

  • xmltodict
    I made a post about it, and it is definitely the best way to read and write XML files. I do not know about the benchmarks yet, it is working well in production, I can call it the requests for xml.
  • Kivy + QPython
    I already knew Kivy but never worked with it, now I am working on a project and Kivy is now my first choice on desktop/mobile apps. I think Kivy is the new "Tkinter". I really hope Kivy to be the "standard" Python choice for mobile and Desktop applications. QPython is a Python distribution for Android, already support kivy and pygame, also you can run Django and Flask on that.
  • MongoDB Aggregation Framework
    Pipelines are Awesome!!! If possible I never want to create financial reports with SQL again.
  • MongoEngine
    I already worked with PyMongo in 2011, then I worked a lot with Django ORM (which I don't like), but the syntax become natural and it was very nice to discover the same syntax to work with MongoDB.

What new programming technique did you learn in 2013?

  • Descriptors
    I already knew the basics of descriptors because of some examples I wrote for classes, but in 2013 I had the chance to use descriptors in production with Quokka CMS and I learned a lot about this and also a lot about Python.
  • SSE
    This is not a technique, but a technology/patterns, I never used before, I learned how to implement the server side and front-end and also I ran in to real world problems with it.

Which open source project did you contribute to the most in 2013? What did you do?

  • Quokka CMS
    I started the project in July 2013, 3 months later it already had more than 500 stars on github (thanks to Hacker News post) and a lot of contributors. Now I already put 3 websites in production using Quokka CMS and its modules cart, classes and fundraising. Quokka CMS was heavily inspired by another projects I worked this year.
  • Opps CMS
    I started the year with a new job at YACOWS and with this new job an awesome CMS project called OPPS (OPen Publishing System), we developed Opps in less than 3 months and we created 3 web portals for high traffic and nice add ons to work with live blogging, feed crawling, google analytics etc. Also I created many apps for Opps (Pools, Promos, Goalserve sports api, Feedcrawler)
  • Python-PagSeguro
    PagSeguro is the lead payment gateway in Brazil, I created the Python lib to pagseguro api version 2.
  • Flask Google Maps
    Also I created a flask extensions to render Google Maps in Jinja templates.

Which Python blogs, websites, or mailing lists did you read the most in 2013?

What about yours?

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New Year's Python Meme

  • What’s the coolest Python application, framework or library you discovered this year?
  • What new programming technique did you learn this year?
  • Which open source project did you contribute to the most this year? What did you do?
  • Which Python blogs, websites, or mailing lists did you read the most this year?
  • What are the top three things you want to learn next year?
  • What is the top software, application or library you wish someone would write next year?

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