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I was google addicted, I used gmail drafts as bookmarks and todo tasks, I used google calendar for any little appointment and I always consider it too much complicated to manage simple scheduler there.

So pointing the problems I had centralizing everything in Google account, I tried a lot of web apps.

Finally I think I've find the perfect set of web tools to rely on


Blogging and snippeting

I am not sure the word "snippeting" really exists, if not, I just invented. Programmers are always snippeting somewhere and there are a lot of tools over the web for doing this. gist, pastebin, paster and others. In 2009 I came through, at that time this already was an excellent tool and also I knew it was made with Python. Sometime ago @nick opened the source code and created a brand new

This is the platform tht powers this blog you are reading, also this is a snippet repository. It has a very good API and a web editor codemirror which supports almost every language in the world (even Brainfuck) and also as every good app wih an API it already has google chrome plugin for instant snippeting and also a plugin for the amazing Sublime text 2 - You can blog and create snippets from your prefered code editor.

  • Blogging
    • Create a snippet, choose markdown as syntax, mark as public/blog post and done!
  • Snippeting
    • from web using codemirror, from Chrome selecting a text, right click send to snipt or using the addon, from Sublime text, select a text and send to snipt, also you can sync your sublime snipts with (note: the sublime plugin is under development)
things I really like in
  • It is fast and has a nice UX
  • Chrome addon for blogging/snippeting
  • Sublime Text plugin (which I am trying to improve)
  • The "snipt" based configuration for blog
  • Amazing support

Ok, shut up and take my money! well, is free, go there and create your account, Although, @nick is creating a lot of new features and improvements and to support his work you can sign-up for a PRO account (only $4 month or $40 year) - You will have a new PRO theme for blog soon, a very nice support and you will be able to use your own domain.

Trust me, you can put your $40/year on this

things I would like too see on snipt soon
  • Android/iOS apps
  • Create snippets via e-mail
  • Better Sublime-Text integration
  • A Python command line client, maybe integrated with iPython
  • Better blog options (snipt based configs) for theme, header, footer, widgets etc.
  • Better search
  • RSS feeds for specific tags
  • Flat pages

You can support @nick to develop all those great things, go there and purchase your PRO account!

The Pinterest for Bookmarks!

I also tried to use many tools for bookmarking, it always turns in to a hell. Delicious and its bad UX, ZooTool and its extremally fat UX, also the Chrome sync and firefox bookmarks did not help me.

So I found KIPPT. This is the Pinterest for bookmarks, you can use the addon on your browser, you can use the API or you can keep items directly on web interface.

The web interface is perfect! clean, easy to use and understand and it is a Pinterest like feed of links you want to keep, Also it has social features, you can share the links, you can follow people and their link feeds, you can comment and like links keeped by your friends. You can create shared collections so you allowed friends can manage links on that collection. It is fully integrated with your twitter favorites, github starred repositories and another APIs. It has Android and iOs apps.

Found an interesting link? Go the and Kippt

The only thing I am missing is the ability to read my mind. it would be better if I can think Keep this link on my Read Later list and so it automagically keeps it, But it is under development :)

Calendar finally is easy!

Do you really use Google Calendar? Do you always remember about appointments created there? For me Google Calandar is too much. So I want a place where I can just drop an email with the subject tomorrow 9am meeting, or I can send an IM using my Gtalk 15/07/2012 10pm watch the final episose of my favourite program or you can do it in a clean web interface.

So that tool is Coolendar - the best calendar i've ever used. Create your plans easily and receive reminders right on your e-mail or Gtalk. It is also a very nice TODO list just sends an IM or email to coolendar with today Finish the reports #todo So it will be tagged as a TODO plan. Yes it has a Chrome and firefox addon and also a Android and iOs apps.

Obviously it has Sync for Google Calendar and iCal.

Things I miss on coolendar

  • Command Line client
  • Shared calendars

Yes, i will put Python Anywhere on the category of web apps, because it is more than a simple host platform. It is a powerful and complete environment for developers.

Everyone who loves Python want to use Python Anywhere, and the best approach for this task is obviously called Python Anywhere what made PA so wonderful?

  • Cloud based consoles, not only for Python but also for Bash and MySQL
  • You can share live console session with others (Yes, code together, you can even do an online DOJO)
  • It offers Python (2.6, 2.7, 3.2)
  • A bunch of batteries included on Python instalation
  • SSH access
  • web consoles
  • web browser and editor for files
  • Dropbox integration on your /home folder
  • Out of the box, one click install and deploy for web2py, Django and Flask
  • WSGI and access to, so you can use any framework
  • It is a good web host
  • Built in Cron-like task scheduler
  • It has free acoount and very nice price for payed accouts
  • API, API, API - A very good API
  • Sublime text plugin (you can edit your cloud files and start/stop your web apps from Sublime Text)

go there create a free account and consider purchase a payed plan, it worth a try!


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