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Quokka - A Flask/MongoDB powered CMS project.

Quokka project - Flask and MongoDB powered CMS


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Quokka is a flexible content management platform powered by Python, Flask and MongoDB.

Quokka provides a "full-stack" Flask application plus a bunch of selected extensions to provide all the needed CMS admin features and a flexible-easy way to extend the platform with quokka-modules built following the Flask Blueprints pattern.

some notes:

Quokka is a work in progress, it is in early stage of development but already works for the basic which is user authentication/authorization, article posting ans extending with blueprints.

This is not my first CMS project, I am also one of the developers of another CMS made in Django - Opps on github, Opps is a big project ready for production and running on large audience website, so if you need a CMS for production high traffic websites consider using Opps CMS by now.

So I started Quokka as an experiment to implement all the CMS features in a non-relational database, that's why I choose Flask and MongoDB. I think this project will get really serious because I am realizing that MongoDB fits perfectly for dynamic CMS. I am really open for suggestions and contributions.

Quokka - The happiest animal in the world and maybe the happiest CMS in the internets. :)

Installing modules

There is no need to install or include your modules in config files or change quokka code to load the module.

Just drop your module package in quokka/modules restart your server and done!

Quokka admin also provides a web interface for admin-users to install and ENABLE/DISABLE modules.

Admin interface

Admin interface uses a customized version of Flask-SuperAdmin


Please join us and contribute! Fork on Github

we need tests, docs, Flask, Mongo and front-end development help.

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