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Published in 19:07 of 06/28/2018


Announcing the first Flask Conference in Brazil - August 2018


The first Flask conference will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, on August 24 and 25, 2018.

It will be a day of tutorial and a day of lectures for over 160 people.

At this moment the organization is in search of sponsorship to enable the coming of one of the core-developers to be Keynote of this event.

According to StackShare [1] more than 1.6k of companies are using Flask, large companies like Uber, Netflix, Cloudify, Lift, Red Hat and many others rely on Flask to serve web applications and APIs.

We believe it is time for Flask to have its annual conference and we are starting in São Paulo Brazil and we hope this idea will spread to other places in the world!

Please help!

We need sponsorship: Help us by sharing the link below with companies that can support the event:

Submit lectures (or vote in the lectures) - * The event is in Brazil but participants from anywhere in the world are warmly welcomed! And lectures in English will also be interesting!

Come to Flask Conf 2018!

Flask Conf 2018


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