Open Source Matters

I've been using and collaborating to #free and #opensource projects since I started my I.T career near 1998 contributing, leading and founding many Opensource projects including successful frameworks, libraries and also written a book on the subject. Today I am happy to be collaborating also with one of the biggest open-source driven companies in the world.


My Open Source Projects


Founded & leaded

  • QuokkaCMS - A CMS based in Flask & MongoDB
  • Dynaconf - A module to easily manage dynamic configurations for Python projects
  • Flasgger - Automate the creation of Swagger based API documentation for Flask projects
  • Flask Google Maps - A Flask extension to help the insertion of Google Maps in Flask based websites
  • Python pagSeguro - A Python Wrapper for Brazilian pagSeguro payment gateway
  • ShiftPy - A module to help running Python web apps on RedHat OpenShift cloud
  • Blinker Herald - Send signals using blinker with a decorator
  • Manage - A "manage" command + interactive shell for Python apps based on click
  • import_string - Imports an object based on a string import_string('package.module:function_name')() - Based on werkzeug.utils