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Published in 14:35 of 10/01/2018


Hacktoberfest 2018

Hacktoberfest 2018

Hacktoberfest is an amazing campaign by Digital Ocean and Github, you contribute with at least 5 open source Pull Requests and then you get a T-shirt and some stickers.

Maintainers are encouraged to label and organize the issues to be worked on.

Register at:

I will list here some of my Projects and the issues I am expecting to get some contributions.


Dynaconf is a library for settings management in any kind of Python project.

Skills needed: CI, Python, decorators, Python Module Initialization, Data Structures and Python data Model




Flasgger is the project powering the website, it allows you to document your Flask API and serves Swagger UI.

Skills needed: API REST, Flask, OPenAPISpec, Decorators, Python data model.


Flask Google Maps

Easy way to add maps to Flask views.

Skills needed: Flask, Google APIs


Flask Simple Login

Easy way to protect your Flask views with login.

Skills needed: Python, Flask, environment variables, templating, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap.



Quokka CMS

Quokka is a Content Management Framework, which is in process of rewriting, the idea is having a core written in Flask, use Pelican themes and allow generation of static websites.

Skills needed: Flask, Python, Templating, MongoDB


All the issues are good, as it is a re-writing from scratch project.


This is a Guide for Pythonistas who are learning Rust language


The project really needs more examples to be written and also more comparison and fixes. Any kind of contributions are welcome.


This is a call 4 papers system (used as didatic example only)

Skills needed: Flask, Templating, mongoDB


  • from dynaconf import settings in python · 14:38 of 04/12/2019
  • Announcing the first Flask Conference in Brazil - August 2018 in flask · 19:07 of 06/28/2018
  • Dynaconf 1.0.x released - Layered configuration system for python with flask and django support in python · 14:49 of 05/31/2018

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