Published in 20:14 of 12/13/2013 by Bruno Rocha
Bruno Rocha There is more to life than increasing its speed!

Published in 20:14 of 12/13/2013



Bruno Rocha

I am a Software Engineer currently working in the Data Science team at CathoLabs in São Paulo Brazil. I am a member of Python Software Foundation and active participant in Python brazilian community. Hey Bruno, just a friendly note to let you know that your entire database has been compromised. Nothing malicious has been done to your databases nor has any data been copied/cloned. You are running a vulnerable version of MongoDB that binds to localhost. All your databases are open and can be modified. I suggest you fix this ASAP as all of your user accounts are accessible. -- <EA>

My Projects


  • Opps CMS - Django CMS powering JovemPan AM and FM and Virgula web portals
  • Python Planet - Python Internation Feed Aggregator



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