Castálio Podcast Especial Python Brasil Parte 3

Fechando a série sobre a Python Brasil, conheça mais sobre o evento, palestras, oktoberfest e cervejas.

Castálio Podcast Especial Python Brasil Parte 2

Continuando as entrevistas na PythonBrasil, desta vez com o pessoal da Operação Serenata de Amor e o Turicas.

Castálio Podcast Especial Python Brasil

Durante a Python Brasil 12 em Florianópolis eu e o Elyézer gravamos algumas entrevistas para o Castálio Podcast e com isso surgiu o convite para eu integrar a equipe do Castálio.

Microservices with Python, RabbitMQ and Nameko

"Micro-services is the new black" - Splitting the project in to independently scalable services is the currently the best option to ensure the evolution of the code. In Python there is a Framework called "Nameko" which makes it very easy and powerful.

ESEngine - Elasticsearch Object Doctype Mapper for Python

If you like MongoEngine or DjangoORM approach you will probably like ESEngine ODM. The Python Object-Doctype-Mapper for Elastic Search Indexes.

Flasgger - API playground with Flask and Swagger UI

Swagger is the new standards for API playground and live documentation, so I created this Flask extension to help the creation of powerful APIs using Flask + Swagger UI.

Dynaconf - Let your settings to be Dynamic

dynaconf is an OSM (Object Settings Mapper) it can read settings variables from a set of different data stores such as python settings files, environment variables, redis, memcached, ini files, json files, yaml files and you can customize dynaconf ...

10 rules of open source projects

The top 10 rules of open source projects

How to customize Quokka CMS home page template

In this tutorial I will show how to create a custom theme and customized template to your Quokka CMS home page.

Deploy your blog to RedHat OpenShift for free with Quokka CMS

Quokka CMS is a content publishing system made with Python, Flask and MongoDB. It is easy and quickly to deploy a blog to OpenShift cloud for free with Quokka.